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Laboratory of inorganic materials takes part in the research, development, service and educational activities of CEET Nanotechnology Centre. It provides – mainly – the elemental analysis in both inorganic and organic materials, exceeding the range of the accredited analytical laboratory nr. 1166. The team members are engaged in research activities in the fields of environmental protection and the protection of materials from external factors. Waste recycling is also studied extensively.

Research focus

  • Assessment of the environmental impact of materials and nanomaterials.
  • Preparation and testing of new materials for pollutant removal from the aqueous and gaseous environment.
  • Evaluation of the effect of the external factors on materials and their protection from those impacts.
  • Development of new analytical applications for building materials, metal alloys, and solid waste assessment.

Offered services

  • Preparation of analytical samples for evaluation of the environmental impact of wastes and potential release of metals into the food chain (e.g., atmospheric and high-pressure extractions using various extraction agents).
  • Low- and high-pressure mineralization of solid and liquid samples.
  • Physical sample adjustment (homogenization, separation, milling).
  • Determination of selected physical-chemical parameters of liquid samples (pH, conductivity, acidity, alkalinity, oxidizability, hardness, etc.).
  • Elemental chemical analysis of solid samples (humidity, sieve analysis, non-soluble fraction, etc.).
  • Qualitative analysis of major and minor elements.
  • Quantitative analysis of major, minor, and trace elements in liquid and solid samples (waters, water extracts, acid extracts, waste materials, ashes, soils, metal-bearing materials based on Fe, selected non-metal alloys).
  • Chemical analysis of fuels (forms of sulphur, ash, etc.).
  • Chemical analysis of construction materials (types of cement, limestones, gypsum, concrete, gravel) per valid regulations.



prof. Ing. Jana Seidlerová, CSc.
phone: +420 597 321 549

Research Team