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The laboratory deals with the preparation of carbon nanomaterials and preparation of nanoparticles of organic substances (drugs, polymers), modification of carbon nanomaterials or natural layered materials and their subsequent application as sorbents for adsorption of organic substances, as fillers for preparation into polymer nanocomposite materials, etc. Long-term experience in the field of analytical chemistry offers especially the use of chromatographic methods for the determination of a wide range of organic substances, inorganic ions and gases.

Research focus

  • preparation of multifunctional polymeric and polymeric nanocomposite materials with antimicrobial properties
  • preparation of carbon nanomaterials
  • preparation and testing of nanostructured sorbents
  • preparation of nanoparticles using supercritical fluid technology
  • development of analytical methods in the analysis of organic substances

Provided services

  • Accredited laboratory No. 1166, see services
  • qualitative and quantitative determination of organic substances using gas and liquid chromatography, including MS and MS / MS determinations
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis using ion chromatography
  • analysis of emissions after sampling
  • fuel analysis
  • analysis of water, soil, waste
  • preparation and separation of samples for organic analysis
  • general and practical teaching and training activities in the field of instrumental organic analysis



prof. Ing. Daniela Plachá, Ph.D.,; Head of Laboratory
phone: +420 597 321 557

Ing. Zdenek LacnýDeputy Head of Laboratory, Head of Accreditation
phone: +420 597 321 554

Research Team