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Research and development

Employees of the Research Energy Center focus on a wide range of professional topics, which are generally related to energy transformation, their use and impact on the environment.

Energy Audits and Studies

Processing of the Energy Performance Buildings Certificate (EPBC) is carried out according to Decree No. 78/2013 Coll.

Design Engineering

Projection activity is one of the main activities of the ENERGY SERVICES group. We focus on projection activities in the energy sector and we are able to provide complete projection services from pre-project preparation, through the preparation of projects of all levels including engineering activities, to the execution of author and technical supervision of power units and systems.

Monitoring of Renewable Resources

In 2010 in the Research Energy Center was built a dispatching center for monitoring photovoltaic power plants. The dispatching center provides to our customers year-round supervision of power plants, which enables detection of fault conditions, organization of service interventions and reporting of power plant operation. Owners of solar parks of various technologies are our customers.

Energy Monitoring and Optimization

The ENERGOGUARD system was developed on the basis of the long-term experience of our energy auditors, who carry out energy audits and technical and economic studies of larger and smaller entities.

Operational Measurements in Power Engineering

ERC is an authorized and accredited laboratory in the field of measurement of emissions of pollutants from energy and technological sources. These are mainly measurements of concentrations of gaseous and solid emissions in waste gases, including ventilation and reference quantities of waste gas. The Energy Research Center thus holds two certificates.

Safety of Fuels and Technologies

From the beginning of the systematic scientific study of explosions of gaseous and dust dispersions, devices up to 20-L have been used to determine the explosion parameters and the explosion parameters have been determined under standard test conditions.

Testing Laboratory of Boilers

For the purposes of research, development and type testing in the field of thermal-energetic equipment intended primarily for indoor heating, the Research Energy Center has built a modern testing laboratory. The testing laboratory meets the strictest requirements in the field of testing of boilers, stoves, fireplace inserts and other similar thermal equipment and is constantly expanded and supplemented by new instrumentation, which allows to enlarge the range of tested equipment.


The gasification division is focused on research in area of the conversion solid fuels into various types of energy (especially heat and electricity). At present, is possible to use as fuel, besides wood biomass or coal, alternative fuels based on sorted components of municipal waste or unusable types of agromaterials.