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The core of research and development at ENET Centre is energy transformation. The Centre aims to convert feedstock raw materials, particularly waste and alternative fuels, into exploitable forms of energy and investigate their subsequent effective use.

The aim of ENET Centre is research and development in the field of renewable energy resources in order to reduce or eliminate harmful environmental impacts. The efforts focus on new technologies of transport and processing of energy raw materials, on their effective energy transformation and modern solutions of the so-called microgrids of electric power and thermal energy making use of accumulation.

History of the Centre

In September 2010 the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic granted VSB – Technical University of Ostrava subsidies at the amount of CZK 316.6 million in order to implement the Project of ENET – Energy Units for Utilization of Non-traditional Energy Sources – CZ.1.05/2.1.00/03­.0069 within the Operational Programme for Research, Development and Innovation.

The objective of the ENET Project was to build a university institution CENET – Centre of Energy Utilization of Non-traditional Energy Sources focusing on research and development of interconnected technologies and machinery for compact energy units, including new technologies of transport and processing of energy raw materials, and their effective energy transformation to supply the grid. All the processing and transformation stages also include the technologies of cleaning the combustion products and waste. The research outputs are user-configured (various types of input and output) and performance-scalable facilities for operation/ the industry. The project implementation has contributed to new and higher quality concepts of related educational programmes at VSB-TUO. The project activities were carried out by research teams from four faculties of VSB-TUO and the Nanotechnology Centre. ENET Project has led to the development of a modern European research centre dealing with basic and applied interdisciplinary research of effective and efficient utilization of energy.