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NanoOstrava 2023: a captivating fusion of cutting-edge lectures and industrial splendour

Advancements in nanotechnology for sustainable energy and environmental solutions are being showcased at NanoOstrava 2023

NanoOstrava 2023 will mainly focus on research and applications for energy and the environment

Česká hlava Award Winner Prof. Pavel Hobza
Colleagues from NenoVision at the NanoOstrava 2023
NanoOstrava 2023 Dolní oblast Vítkovice
NanoOstrava 2023 - sponsors
NanoOstrava 2023 - PhD students of the Nanotechnology study programme
NanoOstrava 2023 Poster section - prof. Faria, Ing. Vilamová and Dr. Svoboda
NanoOstrava 2023 Poster section
NanoOstrava 2023 Conference evening Bohouš Jozef
NanoOstrava 2023 Conference evening
NanoOstrava 2023 - Materials EnviLab team
NanoOstrava 2023 - opening ceremony Prof. Plachá
NanoOstrava 2023
NanoOstrav 2023 POster section
NanoOstrava 2023 Conference evening
Bc. Dušenka - Control of optical properties and surface morphology of ZnO thin films by sputtering deposition conditions
 dr. Filip - Beauty of iron nanoparticles summary of more than 15 years´ experiens
 dr. Foldyna - Silicon nanowires for solar energy harvesting and storage
 dr. Mazare - Anodic TiO2 nanotubes and single-atom co-catalysts in photocatalytic
 dr. Pakseresht - Solid state lithium-ion batteries Bridging the gap between performance and safety
dr. Nachtigallová - On the characterization of TiO2 anatase surface using a computational approach
Prof. Faria - Synthetic fuels and green hydrogen: Paving the way for a sustainable development
Prof. Fornasiero - The metal/non-metal trajectory in sustainable chemistry
 Prof. Kukutschová - Impact of nanomaterials on the environment
Prof. Rajenahally - Nanocatalysis for sustaniable and advance chemical synthesis
Prof. Zbořil - Low-dimensional graphene chemistry for sustainable technologies
David Havrlant, a student of the Wichterl Gymnasium - Stem cells growth observations and material aimed to engineer bone tissue replacements and appropriate scaffolds
Director of CNT Prof. Plachá with Prof. Faria and Dr. Svoboda
NanoOstrava 2023 Registration
Rector of VŠB-TUO with Director of CEET Prof. Mišák and Prof. Zbořil
The award is awarded by the Director of CNT Prof. Plachá and Prof. Simha Martynková.