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ERA Chairs project led by Mark Rümmeli will bring groundbreaking research and a new team

ERA Chairs project led by Mark Rümmeli will bring groundbreaking research and a new team
Renowned materials scientist, Mark H. Rümmeli, is set to establish an international research team at VSB – Technical University of Ostrava (VSB-TUO) to utilise electron beams to create novel materials with precise structures at or near the atomic scale.

Funded by the prestigious ERA Chairs program, facilitated by the European Union's European Research Executive Agency, the EBEAM (Electron Beam Emergent Additive Manufacturing) project under Horizon Europe embodies an ambitious vision that extends far beyond the boundaries of materials science. The goal is not only to push the boundaries in developing new materials with enhanced properties for applications in energy, biomedicine, electronics, and environmental protection, but also to strengthen the internationalization of the university, support young scientists, and drive structural changes in research and science management at VSB-TUO.

"The ability to engineer materials at the atomic or near  atomic scale using an electron beam opens the door to unprecedented control over their properties, leading to improved device performance, enhanced energy efficiency, and transformative applications in various sectors. By understanding how these materials are formed and modified, we will be able to create sensors, energy storage systems, and high-performance electronic devices. This research has the potential to revolutionise electronics and contribute to the realisation of a more connected and technologically advanced world," said Professor Rümmeli, who comes to Ostrava from Soochow University in China.

After his successful collaboration with the Institute of Environmental Technology (IET), which is part of the Centre for Energy and Environmental Technologies at VSB-TUO, on the Excellent Research Project under the Operational Programme Research, Development, and Education, he has now joined IET. "We are very pleased to have Professor Rümmeli on board and benefit from his extensive knowledge and experience and to participate in research that could revolutionise the synthesis of nanostructures and the control of their properties. In addition, we also expect that his involvement will improve our performance in research, innovation and education in the fields of nanotechnology, energy and environmental technologies, and increase the University's global visibility," said Professor Lucie Obalová, Director of IET and member of the project team.Začátek formuláře

Professor Rümmeli described his successful previous collaboration as one of the reasons why he decided to join VSB-TUO. "Having collaborated with the Institute of Environmental Technology and the Nanotechnology Centre for several years, I have witnessed the potential for further advancements at VSB-TUO. My goal is to contribute my knowledge, foster interdisciplinary cooperation, and contribute to the overall growth of VSB-TUO, making significant contributions to scientific progress, education, and global recognition in our respective fields," Professor Rümmeli added. The five-year project, with a total grant of around €2.5 million, will start in January 2024.

The potential of electron beams to manipulate atoms and generate precisely structured materials at the atomic or near-atomic scale is a subject of study by only a limited number of research teams globally. This pioneering field of research was initiated by Professor Rümmeli, who stands as one of the foremost experts in the advancement of nano- and subnanomaterials.

Created: 18. 7. 2023
Category:  News
Department: 9320 - Science and Research Management and the PhD Academy