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ENET Centre

We are engaged in research and development in the field of transformation of raw materials, especially from waste and alternative fuels, into usable forms of energy and their subsequent efficient use. Our goal is to research and develop renewable energy sources without harmful effects on the environment, including new technologies of transport and processing of energy raw materials, their efficient energy transformation and modern solutions of the so-called microgrids of electric and thermal energy with the use of accumulation.

Nanotechnology Centre

At the Centre for Nanotechnology, our research focuses on the synthesis and characterisation of nanomaterials and their composites, applications of nanotechnology and advanced materials, and environmental safety. We also focus on nanophysics, magneto-optics, plasmonics and spintronics, and molecular modelling and simulation.

Institute of Environmental Technology

We are a research and educational institute focused on thermal methods of waste treatment, anaerobic digestion of bio-waste, reduction of pollutants (N2O, NOx, VOC, CO2, NH3) in waste gases and air by catalytic and photocatalytic methods, removal of xenobiotics from waste and surface water, material recovery of solid residues, environmental technologies and also on new methods of monitoring pollutants in the environment.

Energy Research Centre

The Energy Research Centre is a specialised workplace engaged primarily in research and development in the field of energy and power engineering. The main focus of our operation is the systematic building of partnerships with companies and the implementation of research activities for the needs of industrial practice.