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  • Scanning transmission electron microscope JEOL JSM-7610F Plus with EDS microanalyzer, in-situ AFM with correlation analysis
  • Polaron Emitech SC7640 sputter coater
  • SPECTRO VISION EOP inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer
  • ICP-MS PERKIN-ELMER inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer
  • UNICAM 969 atomic absorption spectrometer with flame atomization
  • UNICAM 989 QZ atomic absorption spectrometer with electrothermal atomization HR-
  • ContrAA 800D atomic absorption spectrometer
  • AMA 254 atomic absorption spectrometer
  • MLS ETHOS UP microwave digestion system
  • SPECORD 50Plus spectrophotometer
  • Energy dispersive fluorescence spectrometer SPECTRO XEPOS
  • Gas fusion machine FLUXANA for preparation of borate pearls for XRF
  • Analyzer for determination of TC, TOC, DOC, and TNb MULTI N/C3100