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Laboratories for preparation of nanostructures make use of optical laser lithography and a system for deposition of thin films. Optical lithography allows direct etching of a patterned structure with a resolution of up to 300 nm per pixel, and a total size of the etched pattern up to 10x10 cm. After etching, a photoresist is developed and can be covered with a thin film (in the order of units or tens of nanometers) in the thin-film deposition reactor. This system allows thin metallic and dielectric films to be sprayed. For special applications and materials, it is possible to prepare thin metallic films using thermal evaporation. A great advantage of our thin-film deposition is that it allows deposition of up to 4 different materials during one single process using deposition in a reactive oxygen atmosphere. The deposition apparatus can be mounted with spectroscopic ellipsometry, thus monitoring and checking real-time growth processes.