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Principles of open access to ENREGAT were set in agreement with guidelines in “European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures” (European Commission, 2016, ISBN 978-92-79-45600-8).

 Eligible applicants for open access

  • students and researchers from the host organization VSB-TUO,
  • students and researchers beyond the host organization (Czech, foreign).

Open access for researchers and students is “excellence-driven”  dependent on the scientific excellence based on evaluation through peer review. Access is free of charge. This call is NOT intended for companies.


Forms of open access

  • physical access: “hands-on” access when users physically visit an infrastructure,
  • remote access: service offered without users physically visiting the infrastructure.


Application procedure

Open access to the ENREGAT research infrastructure can be requested through this application. Instructions on how to register and fill in the form can be found here.

If the applicant is a student, the CV and a recommendation letter by the supervisor are required.

In case of any questions, please contact to Dr. Barbora Grycová,, Administrator of RI ENREGAT.



This is a rolling call. All received project proposals will immediately undergo the evaluation process.


Evaluation process

The proposals are evaluated by the two-step selection proces:

1st stage - technical feasibility: person responsible for facility/equipment decides (YES/NO),

2nd stage - scientific excellence by peer review (only for proposals which are not a part of a research project that has already undergone evaluation): 1 independent expert and the Scientific Board of ENREGAT evaluate proposal according to the following criteria:

  • scientific quality and objectives: 10 points max.,
  • methodological approach and the working plan: 10 points max.,
  • expected results and impacts: 10 points max.,
  • CV of applicant, value of the supporting statements (for students): ACCEPTABLE/NON ACCEPTABLE.

The proposals have to obtain “YES” in 1st stage and minimally 15 points and “ACCEPTABLE” in the 2nd stage to be selected for open access to LRI ENREGAT.

When several proposals need the same equipment, the order of use is set according to the number of obtained points.

Until the project start date, the “Cooperation and infrastructure using contract” between the director of LRI and the user is signed.

If relevant, the members of every LRI ENREGAT team involved in the research project undersign also a non-discloser agreement.


Information to users

The open access funding covers: Operational costs, costs associated with the standard operation of the equipment and laboratory testing units (including the personal costs of operators in continual regime, evaluation of results, energy and defined consumable material).

ENREGAT users cover: travel and subsistence costs by themselves as well as the cost of other consumables (e.g. feedstock, waste, catalysts, and adsorbents). The reimbursement of additional costs is clarified before the contract is concluded in open access.

For users with physical access, ENREGAT helps with arranging accommodation in student dormitory or hotel in university campus, guidance with immigration procedures in cooperation with Foreign Relations Department of VSB-TUO and introductory training.



Acknowledgement of the ENREGAT large research infrastructure is required in all published outcomes of the open-access projects: Experimental results were accomplished by using Large Research Infrastructure ENREGAT (No. LM2018098) supported  by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.



For further information about the call and for technical details regarding the use of particular infrastructure please contact:

Barbora Grycová
Administrator of RI ENREGAT


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