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YL6100 GC ECD / FID with autosampler

Analyzer total organic carbon RC612

GC/ MSD ; GC 7890 + MSD 5975, Agilent

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

GC/FID/TCD Agilent GC 7890

Analyzer porosity by physical sorption

GC/BID/TCD Shimadzu GC Tracera

Chemisorption analyzer AUTOCHEM II

ANTARIS FTIR, Nicolet + gas cuvette 10 m

Pulse photoelectric spectrometer

HPLC Waters, UV-VIS detector DAD, fluorescence

X-ray diffractometer

HPLC Shimadzu, detektory UV-VIS + fluorescence

Elemental Analyzer CHNS 628

AAS AnalytikJena ContrAA 700

UV-VIS spektrometr Specord 250Plus

Surface plasmon resonance imaging

Kit for BSK and CHSK

Isotachophoretic - electrophoretic analyzer

Equipment for monitoring the stability of the volume of waste

Thermogravimetric analyzer TGA 701

Lis for determining the compressive strength and flexural

Semi-automatic calorimeter AC 600

Noise analyzer CESVA SC-310

Helium pycnometer

Infrared spectrometer with Fourier transform Thermo Nicolet iS10

We offer open access of selected instrumentation for students and researchers

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