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Anaerobic digestion, anaerobic fermentation and process development up to a pilot scale

Rotary drum bioreactor

Anaerobic bioreactor

Portable biogas analyser

Moisture analyser

Gas flow meters

Catalytic and photocatalytic gas cleaning - catalyst preparation and testing

Experimental unit for testing of catalysts in microscale

Experimental unit for catalytic oxidation and VOC adsorption

Unit for testing of the photocatalysts in liquid phase

Unit for testing of the photocatalysts in gas phase

Chemisorption analyser

High pressure aparatus using pressurised hot and supercritical fluids

Dip coater

Ultrasonic bath

Experimental unit for industrial catalyst testing

Pulse photoelectric spectrometer

Gas chromatograph with BID/TCD

FT infrared spectrometer

Kelvin probe

Pyrolysis up to pilot scale and detailed analysis of pyrolysis product

Laboratory scale batch microwave pyrolysis reactor

Laboratory scale batch pyrolysis reactor

Pilot scale continuous pyrolysis unit for biomass treatment

Automatic Karl Fisher titrator

Gas chromatograph equipped with TCD/FID detectors

Gas chromatograph equipped with TCD/FID/MS

Gas chromatograph with FID and autosampler

Waste incineration in a pilot scale including complex analysis of flue gases

Continuously operating pilot-scale waste incinerator

Equipment for sample preparation (mills, crusher, scales)

FT infrared spectrometer

Total organic carbon/carbon phase analyser

Elementar analyser C, H, N, S, O

Semiautomatic calorimeter

Thermogravimetric analyser

Presser for compressive strength and flexural strength determination

Device for monitoring of waste volume stability

Analytical services

Gas chromatograph with BID/TCD

Thermogravimetric analyser

Pulse photoelectric spectrometer

Atomic absorption spectrometer

Surface plasmon resonance imaging

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

X-ray powder diffractometer

FT infrared spectrometer

High-performance liquid chromatograph

Chemisorption analyser

Gas chromatograph with FID/TCD/MS

Gas chromatograph with TCD/FID

Physical sorption porosimeter

Automatic gas pycnometer

UV/VIS spectrophotometer

Elementar analyser

Kelvin probe

Total organic carbon/carbon phase analyser

Semiautomatic calorimeter

Refrigerated centrifuge

Microwave reactor

Scanning electron microscope

Ion chromatograph with conductivity detection

FT infrared spectrometer for solid and liquid samples