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Institute of Environmental Technology (IET) developed from the university department Centre of Environmental Technology (CET) in August 2014, when the center gained the status of university institute according to the Act no. 111/1998 Coll. on universities.

The establishment of a university institute IET reflects changes occurred, relating to the project “Institute of Environmental Technology” solved within Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation under the leadership of professor Karel Obroučka together with University of Ostrava in years 2011-2013. New research pavilion, where the center is now situated, was built as part of the project, together with purchasing of modern equipment, devices and technological units for research in the field of energy waste utilization and environmental protection.


In 2019, research infrastructure of Institute of Environmental Technology focused on energy recovery of waste and waste gases cleaning has been included to the Czech Roadmap of Large Infrastructures for Research, Development and Innovation financially supported by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports by the project "ENREGAT – Energy Waste Recovery and Gas Treatment" (LO2018098).

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By mearging of four higher education institutes (Institute of Environmental Technology, Nanotechnology Centre, Energy Research Centre and ENET Centre), the Energy and Environmental Technology Centre was formed in 1.1.2021.

IET is a research and educational institute. Professional activities of IET are aimed at:

  • thermal methods of waste treatment
  • anaerobic digestion of biowastes
  • treatment of waste gases and waters
  • material utilization of solid residua
  • environmental technologies
  • modelling of air contaminants spreading

IET participates, together with the faculties, in educational activities, providing accredited study programs. Students of master and doctoral studies, mainly in degree programs Process Engineering, Thermal Technologies and Fuel in Industry, Environmental Protection in Industry, Nanotechnology and others, are involved in research projects.