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Low carbon technologies
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The aim of the project is to raise awareness, improve education and regional strategies in the field of environmental protection, climate change and sustainable development. We want to achieve this goal by educating society, but mostly people from government, regions and local municipalities, who are involved in the implementation and use of new technologies and scientific knowledge in practice. The introduction of new technologies in industry, leading to the mitigation of the impacts of human activity on the environment and climate change, has its justification in the Visegrad countries. As in the Ostrava region of the Czech Republic, each of the project partners has a strong industrial-based economy, in whose technological processes the implementation of new scientific knowledge and research results would bring a significant positive impact on the environment. The main goal of the presented project is to apply the knowledge of research and the use of newly developed technologies, addressing and educating executives. The purpose of the project is to share the latest knowledge of applied research between research organizations in the Visegrad countries, but also to create an expert proceedings of results achieved in ongoing projects, which will be distributed among government officials, regions and local municipalities in the V4 countries.
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